– National Waste to Wealth

– Sustainability Science Dialogue

– Technology and Innovation Expo

– Talented Young Scientists of Nigeria

– Nigerian Cleantech Innovation Programme

– Renewable Energy Resource Centres in Remote Village

– Methanol Fuel Technology Implementation in Nigeria

– Presidential Standing Committee on Invention and Innovation



• Energy Audit

• Blue Economy

• Green Economy

• Gender and Energy

• Climate Change Desk

• Low Carbon Economy

• Nanotechnology Project

• Disaster Risk Management

• Earth and Space Sciences

• Food Safety and Food Security

• Sustainable Development Goals

• Technology Impact Assessment

• Ward-Based Cluster Technology

• Clean Cook-Stove Technology

• Monitoring, Reporting and Verification

• Nationally Determined Contributions

• Technology Needs Assessment for:

Rice farming

Science Park

• Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

• Information and Communication Technology

• Evaluation and Presentation of Plants Efficacy

• Waste to Wealth using Appropriate Technologies