The Ministerial SERVICOM Unit is the Primary driver of the new service culture of Government in both the Ministry and its Parastatals. It is an instrument purely designed to ensure that Service Providers in the Organization provide quality Service, timely, fairly, honestly, effectively and transparently.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. To evolve strategies for the improvement of Service delivery;
  2. To produce, review and monitor performance of charters from the Ministry and its Parastatals;
  3. Manage the Ministry’s Customers relations policy;
  4. Provide opportunities for customer feedback on services;
  5. Institute a complaints Procedure including grievance redress mechanism for the Ministry and its Parastatals.
  6. Institute appropriate market research techniques for identifying customer needs and expectations.
  7. Ensure the promotion of quality assurance and best practices in the Ministry’s performance of its functions;
  8. Provide comprehensive and effective training policy on customer relations and related matters;
  9. Disseminate best practices and other tips on service delivery improvement;
  10. Manage links with strategic partners and other Stakeholders on Service Delivery, market research and customer care/relations.
  11. Facilitate a safe and conducive qorking environment for staff at all levels of service delivery, and
  12. Develop service quality improvement process.

Head of Unit: Mr Michael Oyibo

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