The Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr. Bitrus Bako Nabasu at the weekend received Pan African Leadership award for Excellence in recognition of his  noble course of Pan Africanism through effective and selfless leadership skills.

At the award ceremony in Abuja, Nabasu charged African youths to take the mantel of leadership and hold it firm because, according to him it is only Africa that can develop Africa.

The Permanent Secretary, recalled how the Europeans came to Africa to exploit her natural resources while using  Africa as dumping ground for her finished products. The Ministry, he said is working hard to reverse the enduring legacies of colonialism by striving for a knowledge-based economy that will Africa produce what she needed.

Mr Nabasu praised the contributions of other Pan Africanists who shed their blood to ensure that Africa become a free continent and promised to redouble his efforts  to the promotion of Pan Africanism.

Earlier, the speaker of the African Students Union Parliament (ASUP) Kewel Abel said that the award to Mr. Nabasu was in recognition of his contributions  to effective service delivery and youths empowerment.

The African Students Union  Parliament is the umbrella body that covers all students within 54 African Union recognized   countries with the core objective of encouraging cooperation and harmonious coexistence among member-states student for the purpose of students exchange program and objective analysis  of issues that affect them.

The Parliament also encourages stakeholders and public office holders to promote the much-needed peace, development and economic stability of the continent.

Edet E.Etuk

Assistant Chief Infiormation Officer

For-Head;Press and Public Relations Unit

25 November, 2018