National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI), a, Parastatals of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology has exhibited Mechatronics Training Kits, Glass produced from Agricultural Waste and Smart Prepared Energy Meter for use in different industries.

The Executive Vice-Chairman of NASENI, Prof. Mahomed Haruna said this during the technical session at technology and innovation Expo 2019 in Enugu.

Prof. Haruna who was represented by Prof. Dauda Mohammed said that this is part of its commitment to make available in the Nigeria Market, the primary and intermediate capital products required for machine and equipment design, fabrication and mass production in order to provide the enabling environment for sustainable industrialization of the country.

He noted that the Agency have participated in numerous expos trade, trade fairs, seminars lectures and many other functions where we have been able to showcase so many products of long reaching value for the development of the country, Nigeria

In his keynote address,The Ebonyi State Commissioner for Budget, Planning, Research and Monitoring, Prof. Deacon Ogbonnaya Chwukwu  called on the government to take deliberate efforts to channel growth processes in manner that serve the goals of sustainable development.

He said this in a lecture titled “impact of Science and Technology, and Innovation on economic recovery and sustainable growth” at the just concluded technological and Innovation Expo 2019 in Enugu.

Prof Chwukwu said “that policies must be built to ensure sustainable harnessing of natural resources through technology choices that protect the environment and optimize natural resources utilization for present and future generations”.

According to the state commissioner for Budget Planning, “Development in Science and technology are fundamentally altering the way people live, connect, communicate and transact, with profound effects on economic development.

Speaking further, he said that, to promote technology advances, developing countries should invest in quality education for the youths, and continuous skills training for workers and managers. He added that Science and technology are key drivers of development, because technology and scientific revolutions underpin economic advances, improvement in health systems, education and infrastructure.


Edet E. Etuk.

Assistant Chief Information Officer

For Head: Press and Public Relations Unit

21st January, 2019