As part of the commitment of the present administration to reposition the country in dairy products for economic empowerment and sustainable development,  the Minister of Science and Technology ,Dr Ogbonnaya Onu has laid a foundation for the establishment of Centre for Tryposomiasis in Oziza in Afikpo ,Ebonyi State, during the week.

Dr Onu stated that, the Ministry of Science and Technology has the required facilities and technology to rid Oziza of Tse- tse flies that affects human beings and livestocks in the community.

According to the Minister, the establishment of this Centre is to ensure adequate food security, wealth creation, job creation, sound health and boost livestock rearing that will culminate into enormous dairy production in Nigeria.

‘’ When this is achieved he said Oziza would be part of the commiunty to be used for ranching purposes’’.

Adding that through this investments in livestock production, , Nigeria would make huge revenues from dairy products that would be reared from Oziza.

Nigeria is no more interested in importation of dairy products into the country, but rather is investing on boosting dairy production using latest technology that would assist in the ongoing diversification process of the economy, he added.

Dr Onu further stated that dairy products would bring economic boom in the mere future if we invest in the sector.

 Earlier in his opening remarks, the Director General/ Chief Executive Officer of Nigerian Institute for Tryposomiasis (  NITR) Kaduna, Dr Augustine Igwe, said that with the establishment of the Centre , Oziza Community would be able to maximise technology and innovation to boost economic activities, sound health and the general well- being of the people.

Henrietta Okokon

ACIO (Press)

For: Head of Press and Public Relations