The Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu has charged agencies of the Ministry to endeavor to convert their research findings and innovation into products and services so as to boost the nation’s economy.

Speaking during the 2019 town hall meeting and 2018 staff performance Award ceremony on Tuesday in Abuja, Dr. Onu said conversion of research effort to deliverable products and services would help create wealth for the nation as well as provide job opportunities for the people.

He further stressed that, in other to achieve a better result, the Ministry of science and technology and its Agencies to make it a priority to intensify research and innovation as well as increase awareness among Nigerians.

He said the competition initiated was to ensure rivalry and to make them work harder and achieve concrete results.

Earlier, the Permanent Secretary, Mr. Bitrius Bako Nabasu said that recognition of excellence in any organization usually spurs healthy rivalry among employees thereby improving their productivity. It is an event intended to motivate those that could not be honoured to work hard for recognition in subsequent years. He added.

He further stressed that the performance award was in initiated in other to institutionalize the consciousness of productivity and excellence among staff.



For Head Press and Publicity

22nd May 2019