The Minister of Science and Technology Dr.Ogbonnaya Onu commended the selfless service shown by the Northern Nigerian Youth Council through their philanthropic activities.

The Minister made the commendation during a courtesy visit by the Northern Nigerian Youth Council (NNYC) to the ministry on Tuesday 28th May 2019 in Abuja.

Dr.Onu said he was impressed by the appeal made by the council for the ministry to build a science and technical school for disabled northerners. Dr.Onu said this is a mark of true altruism and selfless service.

According to Onu, there are programmes being initiated from different Agencies in the ministry to develop young people in the country. He further said that without the younger generations, there would be no development in the country.

‘’Our interest is to build a nation, a Nigeria that will be a truly great nation that will lead the world and that’s our aspiration’’. Onu added.

He further stressed that ‘’if other countries like USA,UK are leading the world, so also our country Nigeria can be developed to greater level, if we have a vision, think about it, plan about it, and also work together as a nation to achieve it’’.

Dr.Onu, also said the ministry had mandated our women from different professions to go round schools to develop the interest in our girl child to study science and technology education in the country.

Dr.Onu also praised the noble efforts of the Northern Youth Council in fighting against drug abuse and prostitution. He further said that we need to make sure that morality play a very important role in the country, adding that great nations are built by people who have conscience and fear of God.

Earlier, the President of Northern Nigerian Youth Council (NNYC) Yahaya Salisu said NNYC is a body that shares ideas of the youth of Northern Nigeria. The organisation, he said is into so many programmes such as campaigns against prostitution, drug abuse and kidnappings. Others are visits to orphanage homes and IDP Camps.

The President congratulated the Minister for a successful tenure and also for the tremendous achievements, especially in the area of science, technology and innovation in the country.




28TH MAY 2018