Dr. Temitope Shogbanmu

Dr Temitope Sogbanmu PhD, who is an Affiliate of the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) currently held a Science Policy Fellowship at the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Abuja (@fmstng) from July – August which ended 2nd of August 2019. The fellowship was sponsored by the AAS , titled ‘Evidence-Informed Policymaking for Sound Environmental Management in Nigeria: Investigating the Research-Science Advice-Policy nexus’. The main goal of the fellowship was to gather information and support the research and training needs of policymakers (Scientific Officers/Researchers in the Ministry of (@fmstng). This will promote the utilisation of scientific evidence in Science, Technology and Innovation policy making in Nigeria. Ultimately, through this fellowship, a sustained interaction between academia and policymakers is envisaged to enhance Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policy-relevant research by scientists in Tertiary and research institutions in Nigeria.

Dr Temitope holds a PhD in Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Management and lectures at the University of Lagos (Unilag), Nigeria. Her accomplishments include several peer-reviewed journal publications and books, recipient of the LOreal-UNESCO For Women in Science in Sub-Saharan Africa award 2014, West African Science Leadership Programme Fellow 2019, several research grants and fellowships, board of trustees member of the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Mitigation (SETPOM) since 2013, Ecology/Waste Management expert on review panels constituted by the Federal Ministry of Environment for Environmental Impact Assessment draft reports since 2018, among others.

Dr Temitope Sogbamu made her submission, achievements and programs of the Ministry, information gathered and recommended the following during her Technical Session to Permanent Secretary Mr Bitrus Nabasu ,DGs, Directors and other invited guests from the Research Institutes, Civil Society ,Staff of the Ministry, relevant stakeholders etc

She listed some of the Ministry’s programmes, which are as follows:-

1. National Waste to Wealth.
2. Presidential Standing Committee on Inventions and Innovations.
3. Technology and Innovation Expo.
4. Talented Young Scientists of Nigeria (TYSON).
5. Sustainability Science Dialogue
6. Nigeria Cleantech Innovation Program
7. Renewable Energy Resource Centres in Remote Villages.
8. Methanol Fuel Technology Implementation in Nigeria among many others.

Fmst Nigeria Projects

  1.  Disaster Risk Management.
  2.  Nanotechnology.
  3.  Food Safety and Food Security.
  4.  Green Economy.
  5. Gender and Energy.
  6.  Waste to Wealth using appropriate Technology.
  7.  Sustainable Development Goals.
  8. Information and Communication Technology.
  9. Evaluation and Presentation of Plants Efficacy.#
  10. Clean Cook-Stove Technology
  11. Earth and Space Sciences
  12. Ward-Based Cluster Technology among many others .

Dr Temitope learnt, gathered and experienced some things which she shared the following:

  • Scientists/researchers need to be intentional about their research agenda to impact policy.
  • Policymakers need to be purposeful about synthesising and utilising research evidence for policymaking.
  • An enabling environment with research and policymaking institutions is imperative for effective delivery of mandates.
  • Scientists/researchers and policymakers activities, project and programmes must be visible and tangible to local, state,national, regional and global stakeholders- Outreach

She then recommended the following:-

1. Sustenance of the Science Advice for Policy Fellowship in the Ministry Department and Agencies (MDAs) relevant to their mandate.

2. Organizational on management support for Scientific Officers with facilities to achieve their mandates ,Ex . Laptops,Funding and Journals

3. Interface with Universities,Private Institutions and Scientific Officers to support the Ministry’s programmes .

4. Facilitate sabbaticals by lectures and professors from Universities and research Institutions in relevant Ministries for knowledge exchange, evidence-informed inputs in policies, etc.

5. Utilise online sharing and exchange of information on grants proposal writing, courses,…. Ex. Change change WhatsApp group.

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