The Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu,  has called on  researchers in the field of Science and Technology to come up with an innovation that would help in the diversification driven of the Federal Government to boost  the economy.

The Minister made the call while delivering a lecture titled “Economic Diversification and National Development in Nigeria: The Role of Science and Technology” to Participants of Course 28 at National Defence College, on Thursday, in Abuja.

Dr. Onu assured the participants on Course 28 that researchers are working to deliver the set results that can be commercialized to help build a diversified economy for the benefits of Nigerians.

In his words, “the eras of working in isolation of one another are long gone and gone for good. In the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, we no longer work in isolation, as we encourage and support the Academies of Science, Engineering, Social Science and Education to work together for the good of the nation.” he added.

Dr. Onu further disclosed, that one of the important instruments to drive the STI policy is the National Science, Technology and Innovation   Roadmap 2017 – 2030 to address societal problems and re-orientate the citizenry to see Science Technology and Innovation as a required instrument to transit from commodity to a knowledge based economy.

According to Dr. Onu, the Ministry has develop 5 policies with the primary objectives of diversifying the economy which includes: Technology Innovation Expo, Methanol Development Technology, National Leather and Leather Policy, amongst others. He added that Nigeria is gradually moving away from resource to a knowledge based innovation driven economy.

He further said, research activity of the Ministry that had impacted positively on the economy of the country is the persistent research on cassava, which he added has resulted in the production of High Quality Cassava Flour, Industrial Starch, Fufu Powder, Cassava Chips, Cassava Bread, Cassava Noodles etc.

 In his vote of thanks, The Commandant of Defence College, Rear Admiral Markson Kadiri Makanjuola acknowledged the immense contribution of Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu on the field of Science and Technology, and for honoring their invitation anytime he is called upon.



Josephine Ademu


Ifeoma Irondi


For: ( Head of Press& PR)

31st October,2019