Bio-resources Technology

Bio-resources Technology

The Department of Bioresources Technology is one of the newly established Departments in the Ministry. For effective implementation of its functions, it is structured into two divisions namely:

  • 1. Biotechnology Research and Development (R&D) and
  • 2. Bioresources Conservation/Utilization Research and Development (R&D).

    Roles and Responsibilities

    1. Formulation , monitoring and review of the National Policy on Science Technology and innovation to attain the macro-economic and social objectives of Vision 2020 as it relates to the Bioresources Technology subsector of Science and Technology.
    2. Acquisition and application of Science, Technology and Innovation apparatus to conserve and exploit, map, bio-prospect, commercialize and sustainably manage the biodiversity and bioresources endowment of Nigeria;
    3. Promotion of wealth and job creation through technical support to Entreprenuers and the Private Sector in the area of Bio resources conservation, bioprospection and commercialization;
    4. Monitoring and coordination of Research and Development (R & D) in Bio-resources.
    5. Formulation and promotion appropriate guidelines on conservation and utilisation of Bioresources.
    6. Formulation and promotion appropriate guidelines on the development and commercialisaton of Bioresources.
    7. Monitoring and coordination of Research and Development (R & D) findings in Bioresources.
    8. Formulation of appropriate guidelines on Genetic Utilization and Agricultural Varietal Release.
    9. Promotion of appropriate Research and Development (R & D) findings for Value Addition of Agricultural Produce.
    10. Collaboration with Local and International Agencies/Bodies on Biodiversity management.
    11. Formulation and development of appropriate guidelines to ensure Bio-safety and Bio-security.
    12. Promotion of the development and application of Biotechnology based products and services.
    13. Promotion of innovative methods of Biological Prospecting
    14. Involved in the supervision of Science, technology and Innovative programmes in the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology Agencies/ Parastatals.

Agencies/Parastatals supervised by the Department

  • 1. National Biotechnology Development Agency ( NABDA) with 24 Bioresource Centers scattered across the 6 geo-political zones.
  • 2. Raw Materials REsearch and Development Council (RMRDC ) with 36 States Liason Offices.


i. Promotion of New and Improved TEchnologies ( Varities ) for increased Bioresources Production.
ii. Technological and innovative Bioresources Intervention to improve income and livelihood.
iii. Utilization of New and Improved Technologies for Crime Control and Public Security.
iv. Identification of Markets both new and potential for innovative bioresources products and services in Selected States.


i. Evaluation and assessment of some newly registered and released crop varieties in the country .
ii. Production of interim Report on 6 States ( Eonyi , Kogi , Adamawa, Delta , Zamfara and ondo States) of the Federation to identify Varieties released.
iii. Evaluation and implementation of the recommendations in the above report.
iv.` Pre-training of unemployed graduates in the diffetrent Bioresources Enterprises.
v. Identification of the existing markets for the products and services in various Local Governments in Kano, Ogun , Lagos States.

Head Of Department: Pharm. Abayomi Oguntunde
contact person: Olusegun Rufai
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