Internal Audit

Internal Audit Department

The formal instrument for the establishment of Internal Audit Departments\units in MDAs is the Financial Regulations.
According to the instrument, an Internal Audit is established to provide a comprehensive and continuous audit of the accounts and records of revenue and expenditure, plants, allocated and unallocated stores of government in such a way as to ensure compliance with extant rules and regulations so as to add value to the ministry’s operations.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Checks the compliance with laws, instructions and directives.
  2. Checks the adequacy/controls of financial and accounting system put in place by management.
  3. Checks economy, efficiency and effectiveness of disbursement of resources.
  4. Checks the level of achievement of set objectives.
  5. Checks the total operations of government to enhance accountability/transparency.
  6. Ensure proper recording/accounting of revenues.
  7. Issues and submits comprehensive, meaningful and timely monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual audit reports.

Head of Department: Mrs.Ben-Oyobolo A. C.
Contact Person: Akam, Ernest Daniel
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