The Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, established to centrally coordinate Research and Development (R&D) activities in Nigeria has the following broad mandates:

  1. Formulation, monitoring and review of the National Policy on Science, Technology and Innovation to attain the macro-economic and social objectives of Vision 20:2020 as it relates to science and technology.
  2. Acquisition and Application of Science, Technology and Innovation contribution to increase agricultural and livestock production.
  3. Increasing energy reliance through sustainable Research and Development (R&D) in nuclear, renewable and alternative energy sources for peaceful and development purposes.
  4. Promotion of wealth creation through support to key industrial and manufacturing sectors.
  5. Creation of Technology infrastructure and knowledge base to facilitate its wide application for development
  6. Application of natural medicine resources and technologies for health sector development.
  7. Acquisition and application of Space Science and Technology as a key driver for economic development; and
  8. Ensuring the impact of R&D results in the Nigerian economy through the promotion of indigenous research capacity to facilitate technology transfer.