Special Duties

Special Duties

The Special Duties Department (SD) was created by the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation circular No. HSCF/CMO/EM/243/17 dated 11th March, 2014.


The Department is divided into three (3) divisions:Stock Verification, Anti – Corruption and Transparency and Travel and Protocol.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Special Duties Department

1. Assisting the Permanent Secretary to provide line supervision and general management to all the staff of the Ministry and its Parastatal and Agencies.
2. Represent the Permanent Secretary in certain functions.
3. Executive assigned project for the Permanent Secretary.
4. Manage high level stake holder access to the Permanent Secretary.
5. Provide support in times of leadership transition in the Ministry.
6. Help the Permanent Secretary manage his/her schedule to ensure that his/her activities follow espouse priorities.
7. Co-ordinate the Permanent Secretary’s response to emergencies.
8. Scheduled all staff meetings and briefings involving the Permanent Secretary.
9. Co-ordinate the daily briefing session of the Permanent Secretary’s official schedule.
10. Monitoring Implementation of Capital /Constituency Projects.
11. Liaison with National Assembly.
12. Manage assigned direct reporting units on behalf of the Permanent Secretary e.g ACTU, Stock Verification and Protocol.
13. Assist the Permanent Secretary, as required, to formulate and articulate his/her leadership agenda for the Ministry.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Anti-corruption Transparency

  1. Educate and Enlighten the Public on Corruption and related offences;
  2. Monitor Budget Implementation in MDAs;
  3. Promote Ethics and Integrity through enforcing compliance with Ethical Codes in MDAs;
  4. Conduct Preliminary/administrative Investigations when necessary;
  5. Undertake the Study and Review of Operational systems of MDAs, to improve transparency and accountability.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Stock Verification

  1. Maintain a system of continuous verification of all stores, allocated or unallocated;
  2. Be responsible for price analysis and taking charge of store survey of vehicles and equipment;
  3. Assist the Board of Survey and Enquiry on stores matters;
  4. Compile and submit periodic reports as prescribed in the Regulations.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Travel and Protocol

  1. Process visas, request for Note Verbale, introduction letters and protocol assistance for Honourable Minister, Permanent Secretary and the entire staff of the Ministry on request.
  2. Organizes Honourable Minister and Permanent Secretary courtesy calls.
  3. Arrange flight schedule for the Honourable Minister, Permanent Secretary and the entire staff of the Ministry that require flight for official duties.
  4. Make hotel reservations for Honourable Minister and Permanent Secretary when invited for a program/meeting outside Abuja or liaise with the host of  the program to do same.
  5. Purchase and distribution of gift items, invitation cards and organization of dinner and cocktail parties.

Head of Department: Mr. Muhammad Yakubu
Email: ddspecialduties@scienceandtech.gov.ng
Contact person:Young-Itiye Timi
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